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National Personnel Veteran's Records

You have finally received a packet of records from the National Personnel Veterans Records Center in St. Louis. So what does all the information on these papers mean. In this blog I am going to list out what you may have received in the packet. First what you receive may depend in a large part on what records were not damaged in the 1970's fire which I covered in another blog post. Secondly, the paperwork in the packet is by no means the only information on your veteran but it is a valuable tool for further research. Why?

  1. Some of the records are official records (more to come on that as I go through them).

  2. They will list your veteran research subjects official and legal full name that the military had on file. Many grandchildren or extended relatives don't know the full legal name of the veteran they are researching. This step alone will avoid a number of dead ends.

  3. The records will tell who the veteran served with and where the theaters of war they were in as well as any medals or commendations they received.

  4. Enlistment records should also be included.

So now that you know some of the value of these records let's take a look at what actual records may be included.

1. Enlistment records which consists of the results of the physical exam, Oath and Certificate of Enlistment.

2. Statement of Service

3. AF form 11 Military Record Supplements /Uniform Officer Record

4. Form 45: Retirement Order

5.Separation and Qualification Record

6. Certificate of Service

7. Form 53-98 Military record and Report of Separation and Certificate of Service

8. . DD214

I will go through each of these records in following blogs but it is important to know you will not find an aviators flight records.

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