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Head injuries in glider pilots

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Driving into town traffic came to a stop and I watched as the truck behind me could not stop in time. I was jarred pretty good, my neck snapped back pretty hard but I found myself acting normally as we exchanged information. It was only later that I realized my thinking was really foggy, I had a terrible headache and carrying my bag made my shoulders burn. Of course my thoughts went to the glider pilots who crashed often, often blacked out, came to and picked up their weapons to unload the gliders and fight. What type of head injuries did they sustain - for surely there were many- and how did it effect their actions? Did did they act normally out of shock and only later start to have difficulties or was the adrenaline racing the entire time? If they were anything like me a simple task was not easy until the fog cleared days later and carrying the equipment would have been painful.In their case it would have been a matter of life and death. Could this account for one of the reports that some of them were wandering? Perhaps this will be a new field of inquiry after Suicide Jockeys comes out.

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