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Publications and Presentations

I am available for speaking opportunities in person, via zoom or other media. . If you have a speaking opportunity available  please press the button below to contact me. 

Podcasts and You Tube Appearances

Beans, Bullets and Bandages Glider Pilots as the Critical Supply Line in WWII.  WWII TV

"Suicide Jockeys: Why American Glider Pilots Were the Unsung Heroes of WWII,",  23 January 2024,

Suicide Jockeys: The Making of the WWII Combat Glider Pilot, Koehler Books,  November 11, 2023. Available at all bookstores; The National WWII Museum in New Orleans; Silent Wings Museum Lubbock Tx.; WWII TV Bookstore.

"Flying Mules of the CBI," The Briefing, National WWII Glider Pilot Association, Winter 2023.

"Death by a Thousand Cuts: Regulatory Takings and Private Property," San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review,  V. 26 N 1, 2018.


The WWII Glider Pilot Program  - Clovis Veterans Memorial District, Clovis Ca. - June 2023
"The Glider Pilot -Their Role in the Evolution of the Doctrine of Vertical Envelopment and the Critical Role They Played in Achieving Mission Success", Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter, Morristown, Tenn. March 2024.
"The WWII Glider Pilot Program as it Relates to History Today",  The Conservative Club, Tellico, Tennessee March 2024.
"Glider Pilots and Glider Infantry - Case Study of D -Day", Tellico Village History Group Roundtable, March 2024
"Glider Pilot and Troop Carrier Training and Preparation for Missions", Lago Vista, Tx. ,  November 2023

"WWII Glider Pilot Recruitment and Training,"  National WWII Glider Pilot Association Reunion, October 2023.

"Operation Varsity," National WWII Glider Pilot Association Reunion, October 2022.

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